nanominerals FAQ

nanominerals FAQ

Q: Why is it so important to take a multi-mineral supplement?

A: Because your body cannot create minerals on its own, it’s possible that you are missing out on some essential minerals that keep you healthy and help your body perform at its best! 

Q: But what if I eat super healthy and consume a ton of leafy greens?

A: Because of soil depletion and lack of variety (and time), it’s still possible that you’re missing out on key minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium- just to name a few

Q: What is so special about nanominerals?

A: Our chelated nanominerals come in a convenient capsule form and in just capsules, you are getting 12 essential minerals. Plus, we added Supersorb technology to ensure that your body is absorbing 100% of the minerals

Q: What do you mean by "chelated minerals"?

A: “Chelated minerals” is a scientific term that refers to a specific reaction that takes place between a molecule and a nutritional mineral. Basically, it means that the nutrients are transported across the intestinal wall during digestion which assures optimum absorption!

Q: What benefits can expect to experience while taking nanominerals?

A: Our nanominerals may help support a variety of body functions including but not limited to:

  • the immune system
  • cellular function
  • activation of the white and red blood cells
  • skin hydration and elasticity, 
  • lower stress levels
  • Improved muscle function, hydration, recovery
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