Clean Eating 101

Clean Eating 101

1. Clean up your beverages
Cut back on (or cut out!) soda, juices from concentrate, or coffee with flavored creamer. Instead, reach for fruit-infused water, tea, fresh juices or coffee with organic creamer. Need some clean energy to go with your new lifestyle? Nanolean is a light, refreshing beverage that you drink between meals to boost your energy and curb cravings. It's loaded with fiber, helps to control stress levels and helps to keep your metabolism humming along. For people who have a difficult time drinking plain water, give this a try. But as always, water is the very BEST beverage every time!

2.  Clean up your shopping list
Clean eating begins at the grocery store or farmers market. Start asking questions: How long have your veggies, fruits, meat & fish had to travel to reach you? Read lables. If the item has more than 5 ingredients and lists a bunch of words you can hardly pronounce, put it back on the shelf. Pass on the gmo's (genetically modified organisms) which create toxins in the body that produce disease. Eliminate excess sugar, processed foods and artificial sweeteners & stay away from eating anything with chemicals or preservatives. To make it easy, load up on fruits & veggies. Then you know you're getting whole foods! 

3. Clean up your recipes & start cookin!

Eat from home. This is an easy way to eat more whole foods and save money in the process. And you don't have to stop eating your favorite foods. Instead, choose the better version. That's the beauty of clean eating. Pinterest is loaded with clean recipes and ways to swap out your old go-to's with new ideas. For example, if spaghetti night is a tradition at your house, swap out the heavily processed pasta noodles for spaghetti squash. Use coconut oil for cooking instead of canola oil, and look for locally sourced, oraganic, grass-fed meat.   

Find a few new recipes and stick with those for a while.. remember, this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. Check out our clean version of Gluten-free Banana Pancakes for a breakfast that's healthy and delicious!

Most importantly, have fun! Clean eating emphasizes the enjoyment of preparing and sharing a meal. Good luck on your path to healthy and ditch the diets for good!

Written by Tammy Fodrey 

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