All Natural Protein Powder (Whey & Vegan)

All Natural Protein Powder (Whey & Vegan)

Protein is the basic building block of the body. More specifically, protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids. The only thing our body has more of than protein is water. If you deprive yourself of protein, your body will consume some of your lean body mass (muscle, bone, and organs) for the protein it requires. Protein is necessary for improving strength, tissue repair, building lean muscle, and reducing recovery time between workouts. Natural protein powder is a key addition to your regimen to achieve optimal health!

We all know that protein is an essential nutrient for the human body, but how do you know which protein is the best? We have got you covered and created two forms of protein; whey & vegan.

Protein Options For Every Lifestyle

Whey protein (vanilla & chocolate) : This product comes from undenatured whey protein isolate from grass fed, happy cows from New Zealand. We enhance your protein with colostrum to help support the immune system and promote regenerations for healthy tissue, organs, bones and brain function. We also added a powerful yet gentle detoxifier to help remove harmful toxins from stress and the environment.

Vegan protein (vanilla toffee) : Nanopro vegan is made from non-GMO American Yellow pea, brown rice and chia seeds, giving you the amino acid profile comparable to whey and all wrapped up in a creamy vanilla toffee flavor. We also add Wellbody 365, Maitake mushroom, ProHydrolase for recovery & vegan vitamin D3 to support healthy immunity.