5 Supplements That Can Benefit You In The Long Term

5 Supplements That Can Benefit You In The Long Term

We need to think more about what we put in our bodies. It's easy to stay focused on the food that we eat. But quite often, we forget about supplements to the point that we don't supplement our diets at all. Supplements are available for a reason. They are meant to keep people healthy and fill a void in their diets. While they can't replace medication, they can offer a lot of different benefits. For example, there are supplements to reduce blood sugar and protein supplements that can help you build muscle.

A lot of us simply don't or can't get everything that we need from our diets. If you're a vegan you can get a lot of great benefits from your diet, but it's easy to miss out on some nutritional needs, and that's hardly the only diet that requires a bit of supplementing in order for you to stay healthy. With that in mind, let's explore some of the supplements that you may want to consider adding to your diet.

1. Cinnamon

Yes, believe it or not, cinnamon is a supplement! The great thing about this supplement is that it can offer different benefits and can be incorporated into your diet in different ways. There are indeed cinnamon capsules that you can take if you don't love the flavor of cinnamon or don't want it in your diet quite as often as you might need it. But if you really enjoy cinnamon naturally, you can add it to your coffee, sprinkle it over your breakfast, and incorporate it into a variety of different recipes. You'll just want to make sure that you're eating a certain amount, as it is one of the supplements to reduce blood sugar.

2. Probiotics

There are a lot of different probiotic supplements that you can take to benefit your health in multiple ways. If there is damage done to your gut bacteria, you can be more at risk for diabetes as well as other issues. Probiotic powder can include bacteria that is highly beneficial, which is why this is one of the best supplements to reduce blood sugar. They actually prevent the destruction of pancreatic cells that help process insulin.

3. Iodine

There are a lot of benefits to taking iodine supplements. If you'd like to promote the health of your thyroid, thus promoting higher energy levels and a better metabolism, then iodine is the supplement for you. Yet about 30% of the world's population is at risk of iodine deficiency. We can get iodine through kelp, which is something that many of us don't regularly eat. Therefore, taking it as a supplement can allow you to get the iodine benefits that you need without having to go out of your way to change your diet.

4. Aloe Vera

You're probably familiar with aloe vera. This plant is often used to soothe burns and other minor superficial wounds. Recently, it's also been incorporated into health drinks like teas. But aloe vera also may be one of the best supplements to reduce blood sugar. Studies are still being done to find the full benefits of aloe vera, but it's believed to stimulate insulin production in pancreatic cells. In general, this supplement is often seen as a good option for those who are fasting.

5. Vitamin D

There are a lot of advantages to taking vitamin D. In fact, vitamin D deficiency is often a contributing factor for type 2 diabetes. Before beginning doses of vitamin D supplements, however, you should have your blood tested by your doctor. This way, your doctor can help you determine the best possible dosage for your body.

Generally speaking, you should really talk to your doctor before incorporating supplements into your diet. You never know what's going on in your body, and your doctor can assist you in designing a supplement plan that is tailor-made to fit your needs. But starting off by exploring these five supplements can help you kick your nutritional journey into high gear. Start researching today!

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