How DHA Fish Oil Improves Brain Health

How DHA Fish Oil Improves Brain Health

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in dark fish like salmon, tuna, and anchovies and provide help with bone and joint pain and brain health. There are two types of oil in fish oil supplements that help with health: DHA fish oil and EPA. The amounts of these oils vary in fish oil depending on the brand of supplement. Only about 30% of fish oil is made of omega 3 fatty acids and the other part is made up of other fats. Fish oil contains Vitamin A and D which help with brain function and depression.

Fish Oil and Depression

Both DHA and RHA fish oils have proved to be helpful with concentration and cognitive tasks in persons suffering from depression. Individuals that were depressed had lower levels of both DHA and EPA in their system. It is believed these omega 3 fatty acids monitor brain pathways and prevent inflammation. In studies of the supplement, it was shown the subject had improved brain functioning after taking it. DHA is believed to be the main fatty acid in the brain that is transported to cell membranes. Inflammation in the brain causes increased anxiety and stress that the individual experiences. A combination of these oils improves symptoms of depression.

DHA and Brain Health

Fish oil with higher concentrations of DHA fish oil will help with depression, mood swings, bipolar disorder, and memory. Ask your local health store for a brand with a high DHA fish oil ratio. This substance is an important substance in the brain. It helps neurons communicate with each other and fluids flow correctly. It stops brain degeneration and inflammation and improves long and short-term memory. This substance helps control inflammation and reduce it in the body.

DHA is linked to the gray matter in the brain that controls muscles, memory and learning, emotions, speech, and advanced teaching. Including more in your diet can improve your concentration and memory.

How DHA Improves Brain Functioning

Your brain functions on fat for energy and DHA is one of the most important fats used in the brain. It supports your emotional health, memory, and learning ability. When taken in adequate amounts, it will reduce depression and will protect the brain against disease. In studies, it is believed to reduce memory loss and the chances of developing dementia. Signs of a lack of fatty acids in the diet are trouble sleeping and poor concentration. There are many fish oil products with DHA fish oil in them, from liquids to capsules.

Check with your local health food store or pharmacy to find the best fish oil supplement with DHA fish oil with a higher ratio for your needs. Look for a supplement that has DHA and EPA oils to help improve brain functioning.

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