Who Is Your Best Health Care Provider?

Who Is Your Best Health Care Provider?

I was coming back from a short road trip last week and was struck and saddened by five billboard signs encouraging lap band surgery or gastric by-pass surgery. One sign read, “Diets fail, lap bands work.” In what other country in the world would you see this billboard? Unfortunately, we have become desperate and lazy about taking care of our health. We want magic-bullet fixes, surgery, or pharmaceutical medications, which come with high price tags and sides effects.

Remember our bodies are not deficient in Prozac, Crestor, or Prilosec. We are indeed deficient in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Over time, these deficiencies create the unhealthy conditions we are experiencing.

Health is a choice and we all have this amazing capacity to make better choices. The time is NOW to wake up and take action with your health. Millions of people are without health insurance. The conditions which I am used to seeing in a 60 or 70-year-old are now appearing in people much younger.

Yes, taking action means moving out of your comfort zone. Yes, it means cooking more, spending more money on organic, antibiotic and hormone-free animal proteins, and eliminating the daily junk food. And yes, it means making time to exercise for at least 30 minutes, four times per week.

As a nation, we are failing to educate ourselves on how to stay healthy. Food manufactures are filling your grocery aisles with processed foods; fast food restaurants are selling “food” for under a $1.00 (what do you think you are really eating?); beauty care manufacturers are selling skin and hair products filled with chemicals that are absorbed through your skin and go directly into your bloodstream; insurance companies are keeping your doctor visits to  15 minutes; prescription medication is overused and misused; chemical companies are controlling the food supply with genetically modified seeds and foods; excessive vaccinations are mandated (a child now receives 32 vaccinations compared to my 17 when I was a child); and our water supplies are contaminated.
There are times when medications are necessary. Similarly, there are times to let yourself enjoy your favorite treat or drink. But we’ve lost the sense of moderation and balance in our lives.

There are many things out of our control, yet YOU can control what goes into and onto your body. It is time that you start making choices that prevent disease and help you age with quality.

10 Action Steps to Integrate
Towards Making You Healthier:

  Stop eating at fast food restaurants. Reduce or omit the intake of white flour, refined sugars, dairy products, trans fats, soda, and alcohol.

  Drink 8 glasses of purified water daily. Any herbal or green teas count as a credit towards your 8 glasses.

  Buy organic vegetables and fruits, antibiotic and hormone-free eggs, dairy products, chicken, turkey, and red meat.

  Cook at least three healthy meals a week. Incorporate dark leafy greens daily (kale, spinach, arugula, broccoli, baby greens, etc.)

  Start a basic supplement regime to replace what your body is missing and to neutralize environmental toxicity:

1. Multi vitamin/mineral without iron

2. Extra vitamin C

3. Extra vitamin E

5. Evening primrose oil for women

7. Free form amino acid blend

8. Green powder for alkalizing the body, such as Nanogreens

         • Exercise at least four times a week: walking briskly, yoga, swimming, or your favorite sport.

         •  Buy only personal health care products that use non-toxic chemicals. Brands such as Alba, Aubrey, Weleda (toothpaste and deodorant) on  amazon.com

  Relieve stress by either meditating for 5-10 minutes before you spring out of bed, yoga twice a week, journal each morning or night, breathe deeply throughout the day, smile and laugh several times a day, hug a tree for 1 minute

  Stay informed and educate your family, friends, and neighbors with free daily health oriented web newsletters: www.mercola.com and www.naturalnews.com
  Love and respect your body. Yes, you are more than just a body, but if don’t protect, nourish, and honor your “house,” it will crumble.

Written By Ann Boroch, CNC, Naturopath 
Award-winning author of the popular books on health and wellness—The Candida Cure, The Candida Cure Cookbook, and Healing Multiple SclerosisAnn’s passion is to educate and inspire each of us to achieve optimal health in the face of any condition. 

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