Tips for Choosing the Right Protein Powder for Your Body

Tips for Choosing the Right Protein Powder for Your Body

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Protein powder is fuel for your workout and provides the building blocks of strong and healthy muscle. Without protein, your body has no way to rebuild muscles after you work them to fatigue. This rebuilding process is your body's way of toning muscles or building muscle mass—depending on your workout routine—but either way, protein is essential for progress.

Not every protein powder will do, just as not every protein source will do. Sure, sweetened yogurt provides protein, but it also provides unwanted fat and sugars that can actually impede your progress toward a better, healthier body. So, make sure that you find the best protein powder for your body. Here are some tips on how to select the best product.

Soy Protein Powder
Soy powders, especially soy protein powders, are easy-to-digest products that provide healthy protein without extra sugars or other unhealthy ingredients. The natural antifungal properties of soy protein powders make them a great choice for those prone to fungal infections, such as ringworm and athlete's foot, as well. But frequent soy consumption has been linked to changes in testosterone in men.

Alfalfa Sprout Powder
Alfalfa sprouts are a well-known superfood. They're packed with vitamins and minerals and are surprisingly high in protein for a vegetable. All of this means healthier fuel for your workout routine. Alfalfa sprouts have other benefits, too. They can help you balance your good and bad cholesterol for better cardiovascular health. However, alfalfa sprout powder may be unappealing to the taste buds.

Hemp Protein Powder
Many people are surprised to learn that hemp products, including hemp protein powders, don't have the psychoactive effects of cannabis. In other words, hemp doesn't get you high. Hemp protein powders provide a high quantity of nutrients to assist with fat burning and muscle growth at the same time. Even better, hemp protein powder provides essential fatty acids.

Various protein powders

Whey Protein Powder
This is one of the most popular forms of protein powder. Whey protein powder is made from milk, and for this reason, may irritate some people's digestive tracts. However, if you're not lactose intolerant or sensitive whey protein is a good basic powder that offers a high quantity of building blocks for muscle. However, it's not particularly high in other beneficial nutrients. Some companies do provide whey protein isolate that's backed with natural energy boosters, including vitamins and minerals.

Pea Protein Powder
A great alternative for vegans and those who may be sensitive to lactose or eggs, pea protein powder is high in amino acids to support whole-body health. It absorbs more slowly than other forms of protein, so it may not be the best option for those who are seeking out a fast-acting, muscle-building supplement or energy boost supplement.

Beyond Protein
While protein is great for fueling your workout and some of the above products may be best for you, it's important to give your body the energy that it needs to fuel your workout regimen. Sure, you can find natural energy boosters in food, but natural energy booster drinks supplement your diet with plant-based ingredients, such as green superfoods, that provide health and energy. Protein is great for after a workout, but natural energy boosters from BioPharma Scientific, LLC, provide the perfect pre-workout jolt along with essential nutrients to keep you energized and healthy. Visit our online store to learn more about our amazing line of natural proteins and energy boosters.

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