Substituting Coffee with Green Supplement Products

Substituting Coffee with Green Supplement Products

Sick of Coffee

Your morning cup of coffee can feel like a delightful part of your day. However, is coffee worth the grogginess and moodiness before you get your first cup? What about the all too common mid-afternoon crash associated with coffee's effects dwindling away? If you're looking for a healthier, more reliable way to get energy and a mood boost--something that's safe for daily use--try some alternatives.

Did you know that green supplements can actually supply your body with a more regular, stable, and healthy dose of energy that can power you through your day? Read on to learn about green supplement products that can help you get over your addiction to coffee.

Why Pursue Alternatives?
While coffee has been shown to have some positive effects on health, like decreasing your risk of liver failure or diabetes, it can also have several negative side effects, especially if you drink more than one cup of coffee per day. Those with a coffee 'addiction' are especially prone to these side effects.

For instance, coffee addiction has been widely associated with mood swings. Drinking coffee spikes the caffeine levels in your body and gives you a short-term burst of energy. However, once the caffeine's effects start to dwindle, you can experience withdrawal symptoms, like headaches and terrible mood swings. People can become irritable, irate, or even detached from others until they get their next cup. And once they do, the mood-related side effects don't stop there. Coffee drinkers can feel more anxious and jittery when they're full of caffeine.

Drinking large amounts of coffee daily can even put you at risk of heart palpitations, tension-related soreness, and more. Even worse, the more coffee you drink, the higher your tolerance for caffeine becomes. This means that your body will require more and more coffee in order to be satisfied, further worsening the side effects related to this risky beverage. And don't forget the cost of investing in coffee multiple times per day.

Green Drink

Why Greens Supplements Work
Scientists have found that hydration and consuming more vitamin B can actually be nearly as effective as coffee for providing energy. Best of all, if you get water and vitamin B from natural sources, like the ingredients in green superfood powder, you'll actually have more energy, without the peaks and valleys you get from a coffee addiction. In other words, the energy is more sustained and reliable.

The nutrients in greens supplements provide you with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help your body produce energy that lasts throughout the day. Furthermore, the naturally-sourced nutrients in greens supplements help your body feel healthier, increase your mental performance, and can even help you achieve a healthy weight. All of these factors add up to you performing better at work, in exercise, and in social situations. In other words, while coffee mostly just affects your energy levels, greens supplements do that, and much more.

If you think you're ready to kick the caffeine habit for a healthier, safer alternative, visit Bio Pharma Scientific today. Our store is stocked with the best greens supplements on the planet, powering you with all the benefits of natural fruits and vegetables. For example, try one of our Nanogreens products,  or find another amazing, healthy greens supplement that's right for you.

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