Protein Powder vs Protein Rich Foods

Protein Powder vs Protein Rich Foods

Protein in Meat
Protein is one of the most important nutrients that your body needs. It's essential for muscle growth, healthy tissues, and a balanced diet. Many people are turning to high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets, and that means making up for a lower amount of carb energy with protein energy.

But there are two common ways in which people consume their proteins: in food form and powder form. Which is the right method for you? Should you buy natural protein powder to get your fill of healthy proteins, or should you increase the number of protein-rich food in your diet?

Here's a breakdown that can help you to understand your options.

Whole Foods - Pros
Getting protein from whole foods involves adjusting your diet. Some of the best sources of protein are animal meat and dairy, which are called complete proteins. They provide the body with a complete set of amino acids that it needs to build and repair muscle and tissues. These foods are also very filling, so if you're trying to change your fitness and diet habits, changing your diet to be more protein-heavy can mean slimming down and building muscle at the same time.

Whole Foods - Cons
Foods that are high in protein can be very expensive, especially animal meat. And some people are turning away from animal protein-based diets because of the high environmental impact of meat production industries. Also, because of how meat and dairy products are usually prepared and cooked for consumption, high-protein diets can often give people high cholesterol and blood pressure as a side-effect. Some people can even experience a fat buildup in certain organs because of the amount of animal-based fats in high-protein foods like beef and cheese.

Protein Powder - Pros
Protein powders are made to supply your body with ample amounts of protein, all without having to change your diet. You can stir powders into water or other liquids to make a protein shake, or even add protein to a fruit or vegetable smoothie for extra protein power. Sprinkle protein onto low-protein meals like oatmeal, or even add a small amount of moisture to make a thick protein pudding. A typical protein powder shake will provide the body with whole proteins, and a good supply of them, so you can build muscle and repair tissues. Also, the best natural protein powder will be made from produce, not meat, so protein powder can easily integrate with vegetarian or vegan diets. In fact, people who eat higher amounts of produce and low amounts of animal products should add protein to their diets for whole-body health. Even better, protein powder from natural sources can improve body composition, even without diet or exercise.

Protein Shake
Protein Powder - Cons
Some people complain about the flavor of protein powder. Others, meanwhile, are hesitant to try protein powders at all because they seem fake or manufactured. People may prefer to see the products in their whole form, then use these to supplement their diets. And while there are natural protein powders, there are also unhealthy, artificial products out there. So you need to know where to shop. Thankfully, you can find natural protein powder online if you shop with BioPharma Scientific. Visit our extensive selection to find natural, safe, and effective protein powders in tasty flavors.

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