Protein Powder: Is It the Healthy Option?

Protein Powder: Is It the Healthy Option?

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These days, everyone’s looking for the healthiest options for their lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for the best way to lose weight, or you just need more energy, you know that there are dozens of diet and exercise programs available to try. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect one that fits your activity level and your body. Some of these programs help you count calories, while others encourage the use of green superfoods, or give you the power to calculate your weight gain or loss. The majority of these diet programs get mixed results based on how your body responds to the changes in food intake and ways that you eat.

While there are many differences between modern day diets, protein seems to be a common denominator. Protein is necessary to help your body get the energy it needs to thrive. While there are plenty of food items with protein, many prefer to get an extra boost from protein powders. But, is it as healthy as it seems? Learning more about supplemental protein can help you determine if it’s the right choice for your lifestyle.

What Is Protein Powder?
Protein powder is a finely ground powder, rich in amino acids. It’s meant deliver more protein to your body than that which you’re already getting through the food you eat. The protein that you consume through protein powder is an excellent way to support muscle strength, tissue repair, or to build lean muscle. It can even help reduce the recovery time between your workouts.

It’s safe to say that protein is absolutely necessary for human survival. Without it, your body will begin to break down it’s own body mass as a way to obtain the protein that it needs. Without the proper amount of protein, you may begin to notice a reduction in your bone or muscle mass, which is extremely unhealthy. While it’s clear that protein is necessary, the type of protein that you consume is completely up to you.

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The Different Types of Protein Powder
Protein powders fall in to one of two categories, whey or vegan. While both deliver powerful punches of protein, they’re made up of completely different ingredients. Whey protein, for example, comes from the whey protein isolate found in cow’s milk. Some prefer whey protein as it doesn’t contain soy and can easily be enriched with colostrum or other vital minerals to improve performance and give you the energy that you need. Its smooth texture comes in a variety of flavors, making it simple to mix with your favorite liquid and drink on the go.

Some prefer a vegan protein powder. Whether due to allergies or just a matter of preference, many people rely on this alternative protein powder to give them their essential dose of vitamins and minerals. Vegan protein can be made from a variety of plant-based sources. Pea protein, brown rice, chia seeds, and soy are just a few of the profiles you may find in a typical vegan protein powder. Some may add vegetables or other vitamins to help with recovery and overall health.

So, which is better? That all depends on you! While every body needs protein, not everyone’s body needs the same type of protein. Evaluate your dietary needs, then turn to the experts at BioPharma Scientific, LLC. Whether you have questions regarding protein powders or green superfoods, you’ll easily find the right product for you. Learn more about your options here!

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