Everything You Should Know about Greens Supplements

Everything You Should Know about Greens Supplements

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When looking for the best greens supplement, it's a good idea to separate fact from fiction. There's a lot of misinformation out there, so acquiring accurate details is a good start.

Many people assume that timing doesn't matter when taking a greens supplement, but it does. Greens supplements are composed of different mixtures of veggies, fruits, algae, and grasses which our bodies need to function at optimum efficiency. While their effects can be helpful at any time, taking them in the morning lets you take full advantage of their energizing properties and provide enhanced digestion throughout the day.

Oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) was developed by the USDA to quantify the antioxidant capacity of foods. By indicating the degree to which different types of foods are capable of combating free radicals in the body, ORAC value is tremendously helpful in determining which products are the most effective antioxidants. The higher the ORAC value, the more you’re likely to experience higher energy, increased metabolism, reduced appetite, reduced allergy symptoms, and other benefits resulting from the increased presence of antioxidants.

Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet
Everyone knows the importance of having a diet rich in fruits and leafy green vegetables. The problem is, it’s hard for everyone to keep up with the requirements on a daily basis. You might not have the opportunity to go grocery shopping or the time to prepare the food your diet requires. Furthermore, since the average American needs three times as many vegetables as in the past because today’s soil doesn’t provide the same nutrients it once did, vegetable supplements can play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy diet.

Pay Attention to Detail
Not all greens are created equally. You probably assumed this is true, and it certainly is. Look at the quantities of the different ingredients. It's easy for companies to sprinkle in just enough of something to say that it's technically in there, while simultaneously not providing enough for it to improve your health. Read the label carefully and check reviews. The best greens supplements should be 100% natural with no preservatives, fillers, or artificial sweeteners. BioPharma Scientific takes it a step further. All of their products originate from the cleanest parts of the world, such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, and Italy, where the soil is rich in nutrients.

Drink and Fruits

Added Benefits
Greens are alkaline. One of their main benefits may be improving your body's acid-base balance. The human body does everything it can to maintain homeostasis, and your body's pH balance is part of that equation. There are diets that are specifically constructed entirely around the idea of controlling pH. For you, that might seem a bit extreme, but you shouldn't ignore the potential benefits. Eating more alkaline foods, especially nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables, is never a bad idea. Remember that a pH imbalance may contribute to poor bone health, impaired thyroid function, and excessive cortisol levels.

When planning for a new supplement in your diet, it's worth knowing everything you can about how it could contribute to your overall health and performance. Contact the professionals at BioPharma Scientific to learn more about using a greens supplement. Their green powder supplement incorporates 55 different ingredients to provide 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in just a single serving. Call BioPharma Scientific to order your own greens supplements today!

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