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Nanogluco - Natural Blood Sugar Control

We are proud to say that we have a natural solution that is scientifically proven to regulate blood sugar just as effectively as Metformin ™, with zero side effects. If diabetes runs in your family or you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or type 2, our supplement is proven to lower blood sugar levels while offering a safe alternative to conventional medications.

•SCIENCE-BASED: Nanogluco features Glucevia™, a natural patented extract derived from a specific type of tree native to Europe and Asia called Fraxinus Excelsior, also known as the common ash tree. Glucevia ™ can work on all types of sugars both complex and simple. The liver plays a key role in glucose homeostasis and maintaining its health status is part of a strategy to manage blood sugar levels. Glucevia acts directly on the liver, helping it to stay healthy and better perform its daily functions.

•ENHANCED BIOAVAILABILITY: Glucevia™ was tested in several clinical studies targeted at different populations. The latest was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over clinical study in which overweight and mature volunteers received 1,000mg of Glucevia ™ per day for 3 weeks. The results showed that postprandial glycemia was significantly reduced by 28.2% versus baseline.

•HEALTH BENEFITS: These supplements to reduce blood sugar are clinically and scientifically proven, no side effects, may improve insulin sensitivity, may improve glucose metabolism, manage postprandial glucose peaks, may improve PCOS, assists fat loss, helps improve fatty liver and has been shown to have a long term positive effects on the liver.

•THE PUREST SOURCE: Glucevia™ is guaranteed to be made from 100% Fraxinus Excelsior and in compliance with current standards regarding the absence of GMOs and allergens as well as acceptable levels of heavy metals and pesticide residue.

•EASY TO ENJOY: Simply take 2 capsules per day after a meal. Depending on your blood sugar level, you can take this product after each meal before you measure your blood sugar level.

Simply take 2 capsules per day after a meal. Depending on your blood sugar level, you can take this product after each meal before you measure your blood sugar level.


1,000 mg of Glucevia* per day helps to safely balance blood sugar levels:

  • Reduces post-prandial blood glucose by acting on the rate of absorption of Glucose into the liver and muscle cells. (see graph at bottom of page)
  • Has a positive effect on the liver and improves their health on a long-term basis
  • Safe and does not cause any adverse effects.

  • nanogluco control:

  • Innovative ingredients
  • Clinically proven*
  • Proprietary extraction
  • Patented application and composition
  • Unique profile in Nuzhenide and GI3

  • Proof of Glucevia's efficacy in balancing blood sugar levels is based on several years of in-depth scientific research in in vitro, in vivo, and in clinical studies shown below:

    Safety evaluation of fraxinus excelsior extract Flanagan Food Chem Tox 2013(576 kb)

    Fraxinus seed extract limits hyperglycemia Ibarra Phytomedicine_2011(463 kb)

    Action of an extract from the seeds of fraxinus excelsior on metabolic disorders monto pending (49 kb)

    Glucevia has favorable effects on glucose homeostatis in elderly overweight subjects zulet pending (191 kb)

    Acute effects of fraxinus excelsir seed extract on postprandial glyc mia Visen J Ethnopharmacol 2009 (468 kb)

    Mechanism of action may involve liver metabolism of glucose

    Pre-clinical in vivo studies show that Glucevia* significantly reduces fatty liver. The liver remains in a healthier state and is better able to preform its daily functions. This physiological effect may be beneficial to blood glucose regulation in the long term.

    No side effects have been reported in clinical studies. No risks have been identified in extensive toxicological tests. Glucevia* is guaranteed to be made from 100% fraxinus excelsior and in compliance with current standards regarding the absences of GMOs and allergens.