Top Ways to Choose the Right Nutrient Dense Green Superfood

Top Ways to Choose the Right Nutrient Dense Green Superfood

Eating a healthy diet, getting your recommended weekly exercise hours, and sleeping well are great ways to stay healthy. But what if you feel like you’re still not getting the nutrients you need? Whether you’ve been trying to boost your metabolism, get more energy, curb bad cravings, or change bad health habits, you may be in search of a supplement. Green superfood provides a boost of nutrients that can improve your health and way of life.

At least, that’s what they claim to do. Unfortunately, not every greens supplement is created equal. Some of these green powder products are actually healthy. Others can be ineffective and a waste of money. Worse, some “greens superfood supplements” can actually be bad for you. So how do you know which product is right for you? Here’s how to find the right supplement that’s actually healthy, reliable, and effective at providing extra nutrients.

Green Smoothie

What Is Green Superfood?

Green superfood products were developed to improve nutrition with natural, plant-based ingredients. They’ve become extremely popular as a method for getting more nutrients in the average diet, while also benefiting from real produce sources. They’re usually sold as a bottled powder that can be stirred into water or even sprinkled on meals. You get the daily nutrients you need from real plants without having to eat several ounces of fresh greens every single day.

Why Are Greens Important?

Greens are some of nature’s best sources of probiotics, immunity-boosting vitamins, metabolism-boosting nutrients, antioxidants, and other healthy ingredients. Whole fruits, whole grains, and healthy protein sources like fish are high in nutrients, but nothing beats natural greens.

Unfortunately, over farming, reduced access to diverse foods, processing methods like GMOs, and artificial substitutes make it more difficult than ever for the average person to get a healthy quantity of the nutrients they need. This is where green superfood powders come in. They give you the good stuff in greens, the easy way.


Vitamins seem like the easiest way to get more nutrients in your diet, but vitamins fail to do what greens superfood powders do: provide nutrient-dense ingredients that your body actually absorbs. And unless your doctor has prescribed you a specific vitamin, your body may simply eliminate the vitamins that you consume in your urine. It’s safer for your body--and more nutritious--to seek out vitamins and minerals from a green supplement made from green produce. That’s because your body recognizes the plant-based ingredients and digests them, extracting the nutrients from these plant-based ingredients.

What to Avoid

As said above, not all greens supplements are actually helpful. In fact, you should avoid certain products. Don’t take greens supplements that have artificial sweeteners, gums, fake color additives, or GMO ingredients. Only invest in a product that states it is made from natural, green sources and actually indicates where they source their plant ingredients.

The Best Natural Greens Ingredients

There are many types of greens ingredients, including marine sources like spirulina or fermented greens like kale. Look for superfood powders, which include a nutrient kick of the best types of green produce there. The term “superfood” isn’t just a sales keyword. It indicates that the product is natural and provides the most micronutrients for optimal health.

The BioPharma Difference

BioPharma Scientific’s Organic Superfood Powder is the #1 doctor-recommendedsuper greens supplement. Our powders are flavorful, healthy, and can make a difference for your body. BioPharma Scientific is the leader in science-based nutrition because we take the best from nature and deliver it to you in easy to eat, easy to digest, and affordable products. Visit our online store today to find the nutrient boost that you need fast.

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