Tocotrienols: Applications and Health Benefits

Tocotrienols: Applications and Health Benefits

Tocotrienol (to-ko-tri-ə-nōl): Maybe you’ve heard the word before, maybe it’s completely new to you. So, what exactly are Tocotrienols and why are they so important for overall health, aging and disease prevention? A tocotrienol is an unsaturated, lipid-soluble form of Vitamin E. This form consists of unique biochemical properties that enable it to move easily throughout the body and access areas that other forms of the vitamin are unable to reach. Tocotrienols are a highly potent form of Vitamin E and because of their distinct chemical structure and the fact that they have a higher cellular uptake than their counterparts they are an excellent delivery system for antioxidants.


Tocotrienols and Skin Benefits

·     Tocotrienols have been shown to protect the skin against the effects of oxidation 

·     Studies have suggested that skin care products containing tocotrienols can reduce the production of free radicals that result from overexposure to the sun

·      More and more evidence suggest a promising future for Tocotrienols in cosmetic and skin care products that protect against harmful effects from oxidative stress by interacting with antioxidant enzymes.

Tocotrienols and Triglyceride Levels

·      Triglycerides are a type of fat/lipid that can be found in your bloodstream. They are formed when you consume excess calories that you don’t end up using immediately. Having high levels of triglycerides has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.

·      Tocotrienols have been found to activate signals to improve the metabolism of fat in liver cells and improve overall fat metabolism while preventing fatty build up in the liver

·     If you are taking an omega-3 supplement but you’re still struggling with high triglycerides, our NanoEPA emulsified liquid fish oilis the perfect solution. We’ve added vitamin D & E complex and tocotrienols which can directly regulate triglyceride synthesis in the body.

Tocotrienols and Cancer 

·     Pancreatic cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States and is expected to become the 2nd leading cause by the year 2020. Tocotrienols have been show to inhibit the growth and survival of many types of cancer cells including those connected to Pancreatic cancer. 

·     A research study performed by DavosLife found that Tocotrienols prevented prostate cancer formation in 75% of mice pre-treated with Tocotrienols as compared to the control group.

·     Tocotrienols also affect certain proteins in Melanoma skin cancer cells causing malignant cells to die and helping to prevent their regrowth. This would suggest that Tocotrienols could potentially support the prevention of certain skin cancers.

…A few more benefits: Tocotrienols have been found to promote new artery formation after a stroke, lower homocysteine levels, improve insulin sensitivity, protect vital brain circuitry, and even prevent bone loss! 

NanoEPA Emulsified Fish Oil contains a Vitamin D & E Complex plus Tocotrienols to support healthy cholesterol & triglyceride levels, healthy heart, brain and joint function-plus so much more! Visit our website to find out more.  

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