Should You Consider Taking Nutritional Supplements?

Should You Consider Taking Nutritional Supplements?

A good diet will enable you to live a wholesome life by avoiding a lot of opportunistic diseases. While everyone may want to eat a balanced diet, it is not always possible to get one, and this is where supplements come in. Read on to see a few more reasons why you should consider taking nutritional supplements.

To Fill Nutritional Gaps

While it may come as a surprise, even people on a diet that looks good may be missing out on one or two important nutrients. This is especially true for people following strict diets like keto, paleo, and vegan diets. Even people who don't take dairy due to lactose intolerance may need to supplement their vitamin D and calcium as these are crucial for a complete and balanced diet.

If You Are Aged 50 and Above

As people grow older, their bodies don't break down and absorb nutrients as effectively as they used to when they were younger. This can lead to a shortage of vitamins like B12 and calcium, which is necessary to counter the loss of bone density that occurs with age.

To Cover Soil Depletion

Conventional farming has, over time, led to a depletion of nutrients in the soil thanks to over-farming with no proper crop rotation. This is a large-scale problem that makes some fruits and vegetables lack enough crucial vitamins like iron, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, and more. For this reason, it is a good idea to add nutritional supplements to avoid the risk of getting fewer nutrients than necessary. With about 30% of the population worldwide currently at risk of iodine deficiency, it is important to pick up the slack where food farming falls short.

If You Are Exercising, Pregnant, or Nursing

All three of these situations call for extra nutrients as our bodies' demands go up. Prenatal multivitamins are important to make sure that the baby develops as it should and that the mother does not lose her own nutrients either. For athletes and other people who physically exert themselves a lot, protein powder is a good supplement to replenish the energy they use up.

It is easy to assume that your diet is complete until you take a closer look. Nutritional supplements exist to cover the missing links that we may not even know are there, working in the background to give us great health.

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