Emulsification and the Benefits of Liquid Supplements

Emulsification and the Benefits of Liquid Supplements

The options for supplements today are vast thanks to advances in technology and greater scientific understanding of the human body, how it works and what it needs in order to flourish. Not that long ago, vitamins and supplements were predominately available in pill or capsule form, but now, the focus is turning to liquid supplements.

Liquid supplements offer several advantages over those in pill or capsule form, predominately being increased absorption due to greater bioavailability. Bioavailability is the degree or rate at which a substance (a vitamin supplement in this instance) is absorbed into the body.

When you take a supplement in pill or capsule form, your body must first break it down in the stomach before being able to absorb the nutrients into the bloodstream. In comparison, because liquid vitamins and supplements have a head start in the digestive process, they are more easily digested and assimilated into the bloodstream at a faster rate, allowing your body to absorb a much higher percentage of the beneficial nutrients – and when it comes to nutrition, absorption is everything.

Emulsification and Absorption of Supplements 

When taking healthy fats or fat-based supplements like omega 3 fish oil, whether or not it has undergone an emulsification process will make all the difference when it comes to absorption. When supplements have gone through the emulsification process or been emulsified, your body is able to absorb a much higher percent or amount of the beneficial nutrients because they have already been broken down into a smaller, more readily available size.

What is emulsification? 

Emulsification is the breakdown of large fat globules into smaller, more uniformly distributed globules. In the human body, emulsification is mainly accomplished by bile acids in the small intestine and is the first step in the breakdown, digestion, and absorption of fats. It’s important because pancreatic lipase, the enzyme secreted from the pancreas responsible for breaking down fat, works more effectively on these smaller particles, which results in increased absorption of nutrients into the body.

Benefits of Liquid Supplements

  • Enhanced absorption
  • Decreased “waste” - fewer nutrients are lost during the digestion process
  • Cost savings – you can consume far less liquid supplements because absorption is greater
  • Easy to take – no hard to swallow pills; mix into any drink or smoothie
  • Convenience
Some may argue that supplements in pill or capsule form are much more convenient to liquid or powder mediums that need to be mixed with water or some other type of liquid like almond or soy milk or freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices. However, easy-to-carry packets and blender bottles make shaking up a delicious, healthy drink on the go simple and fun.

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Originally posted on November 10th, 2014 by Tammy Fodrey

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