Boosting Your Adrenaline and Beating Exhaustion with These Superfoods

Boosting Your Adrenaline and Beating Exhaustion with These Superfoods

Various green vegetables

There are numerous reasons that people feel fatigued even when getting an adequate amount of sleep. This can be due to physical problems like low-functioning adrenal glands, or it may be due to stress and other lifestyle factors. Fortunately, boosting energy levels and fighting fatigue can be as simple as getting more exercise, drinking more water, and eating certain foods known to boost energy levels. Here are some foods that can help you avoid fatigue and boost your adrenaline levels.

Dark Leafy Greens
Vegetables that are rich in color tend to have more nutrients in general. Dark, leafy greens are especially good in helping the body fight fatigue because they contain a lot of iron. Spinach and kale can help stave off anemia, which is a common cause of fatigue. The iron helps more oxygen be delivered to the body’s cells, but the additional vitamins in leafy greens like magnesium, potassium, and vitamins B and C all help the body have more energy.

If you don’t enjoy eating spinach or kale, you may want to try greens supplement kits to make sure you get all these nutrients in your daily diet. A greens supplement can provide the same amount of nutrients as the actual foods themselves and make it easier for people to get an adequate amount throughout the day.

Other Vegetables
In addition to leafy green vegetables, there are other vegetable rich in color that can help boost your energy. Red bell peppers contain a lot of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that will reduce the production of stress hormones. Another colorful vegetable to consider is sweet potatoes. These have a lot of fiber and potassium, which can lower blood pressure levels and stress.

A variety of seeds can also help boost energy levels because many of them are full of B vitamins, zinc, iron, magnesium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients help fight fatigue and also boost the immune system. Pumpkin seeds in particular promote better sleep and since they contain tryptophan they fight emotional fatigue as well.

Chia seeds have an optimal ratio of fats, fiber, and protein to provide long-lasting energy. Flax seeds reduce inflammation so that the adrenal glands are able to function better, which results in less fatigue.

Bowl of seeds

Watermelon is a great way to stay hydrated and get a lot of potassium and vitamin C. The potassium in bananas helps the body convert sugar into energy and bananas contain other essential vitamins as well. Eating berries and citrus fruits with high amounts of vitamin C can also help you be more energetic.

Grains like quinoa, oatmeal, and whole wheat are great for avoiding exhaustion because they’re high in fiber and protein. These grains help stabilize blood sugar so that you don’t experience a rush of energy and then a crash later in the day.

There are a few different types of protein that can help replenish your energy without causing a crash later. Nuts are a great option because although they contain fats, they contain healthy, monosaturated fats, which will quickly boost your energy. Just a quarter cup a day of walnuts or almonds can significantly boost your energy.

Beans are another high-fiber food with a good amount of complex carbohydrates and protein. They also contain copper, magnesium, potassium, and iron to boost energy. Other lean proteins provide the same benefits. If you think your energy level could benefit from extra fruits and vegetables, contact BioPharma Scientific, LLC, to learn about greens supplements.

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